Stop construction of U.S. base or helipads in Okinawa – International Protest Feb. 20

Call to anti-war activists, non-activist citizens, mass or grassroots media, politicians or government officials, to anyone whom you can contact. Call for opposition to construction of U.S. base or helipads in Okinawa.

In this sunday (Feb 20), we will organize again the demonstration to the US Embassy on the current situation in Takae, Okinawa regarding construction of new helipads.

We would like to ask the people around the world to make the action in each your town at same day, Feb 20 (Sun)
and report to us with pictures
(please refer to
and as the examples)
in order to show the US and Japanese government how the prople is protesting not only in Japan but also in other countries.

If you will send us your photo report, we would like to update our website and blog.

We can also say that our action will encourage Takae people to protest in 24 hours to stop the construcution of new helipads.

Thank you for kind cooperation and shared will to change.


Mitsuaki Ono
Okinawa wo fuminijiruna, Tokyo, Japan